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Brand : AIS

Hsn Code : 7326

Model No. : AISPOLE50

Reflection : Single Band

Color : Black

Weight : 3-4 Kg

Material : MS Pole 2 inch Dia

Others : Price Indicated for 1 No

UOM : Number

32 inch/40 inch price : 3 inch Dia / Rs.1150+tax

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Product Details:

Despite its relatively simple concept, a convex mirror is an essential element in securing a variety of different homes and businesses.

A convex mirror, sometimes called a fisheye or blind spot mirror, is simply a dome or lens shaped mirror that reflects light in multiple directions rather than just one. Because of this, a convex mirror gives you a very wide field of view.  Safety and visibility go hand in hand. Like an animal keeping watch in order to warn the group, the more we are able to see danger, the better we can be at avoiding it. It may be surprising to know that such a low tech device can be found as part of the security of many businesses and homes, but where specifically are they used and do they make a real difference?
Convex mirrors are used in a number of places. In fact, they may be so common that you don’t even notice them:

  • On the road near low visibility corners and intersections.   
  • On vehicles to help drivers easily see their blind spots.   
  • On worksites where employees are moving large materials in low visibility areas.   
  • In stores to help combat petty theft and shoplifting.

Indoor or Outdoor
One of the first things you need to clarify is whether you need a convex mirror for indoor or outdoor use. Depending on where the convex mirror will be installed depends on the type of mirror that will suit you best.
For indoor mirrors one of the most popular options is the SeeClear Interior Convex Mirror – made with a highly effective acrylic front these convex mirrors are perfect for an indoor environment, whether at home or in a warehouse, school or similar area.  Available in various sizes these convex mirrors can be installed directly to a wall for instant benefits to your area.  Excellent in many environments, these convex mirrors help to see around bends or corners with ease and are perfect as a security mirror in shopfronts.The SeeClear Interior Convex Mirror is perfect for indoors - ideal for shop security

For outdoor mirrors there are various options to choose from, but one of the most popular convex mirrors is the SeeClear Roadside Convex Mirror.  Again, these convex mirrors are made with an acryclic front and a plastic backing, making them very lightweight and easy to install at all times.  As opposed to indoor convex mirrors the SeeClear Roadside comes with a bracket for mounting them directly to a 76mm pole OR to a flat wall.  This gives these convex mirrors a great advantage over a lot of mirrors and allows them to be used in many areas.

The SeeClear Roadside Convex Mirror is popular among many customers and is ideal for using on rural roads for hidden entrances to houses.

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