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Metal Delineator Post

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1256 + Tax

Brand : RSI

Hsn Code : 7326

Model No. : RSIMDWR900

Reflection : High Intensity Reflective

Color : Black

Weight : Weight : 2.3 Kg/Mteter.

Material : MS with Powder Coated

Others : Indicated Price for 1 No

UOM : Number

Height : 1200 MM

DIa : 75 MM

Availability: Not In Stock

Product Details:

Metal Delineator post Dealers

Metal Delineator that are sturdy in construction and are dimensionally accurate. They are abrasion resistant in nature and are clearly visible from far distant places. Moreover, we offer them in stipulated time period.

Traffic Control Products that are used to redirect or reroute pedestrian and drivers are called Traffic cones and delineator posts. Both products are usually made with highly durable and weather-resistant materials like high-density polyethylene, PVC and metal with protective finishing. Both products also feature dense base for stability.

The obvious difference of the two traffic control products is their shapes: traffic cones are cone-like in shape while the delineator posts are cylindrical. Another thing is that traffic cones usually have a top slit which can hold traffic signs. Traffic cones can also be stacked together because of its shape. On the other hand delineator posts usually have retractable strap or connector chain. Because of its more tame shape, delineator posts are usually used for indoor applications. Other delineator posts feature anchor slots for permanent installation, while others allow the user to put sands inside its base  for additional stability. Delianeator posts that are made with stainless steel are commonly used in banks, hotels and malls to serve as  crowd control system guides for their patrons.