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Brand : AIS

Hsn Code : 4016

Model No. : AISCP3C

Color : Black with yellow top

Dimension : 900 x 500 x 75 mm (65 mm x 3)

Weight : 14 Kgs

Material : Hard Rubber with PVC Top

Load capicity : 3-5 Tons

Uom : Number

Price Indicated : Per Number

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Product Details:

3 Cables Protector dealers

Yellow/Black Hiperthane Yellow Jacket Crossovers safeguard pedestrians and employees from mishaps involving cables. Modular design makes length variation a snap. Extensive savings on maintenance of cables is realized, and the possibility of damage during critical periods is minimized. This is the solution to cable/pedestrian protection in hightraffic areas such as hotels, Parking areas, Multilevel Parkings, Basement parkings.