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Brand : SP

Hsn Code : 3916

Model No. : RSIBLSWM

Reflection : 6 LED covered tube

Color : red and Green with Blink

Capacity : Battery AA 3 Nos

Material : PVC

price Indicated : Per 1 No

UOM : Number

Length : 11 Inch

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Product Details:

Baton Light small  Non Rechargeable

Light Batten with Magnetic CAP that serves as an effective way of guiding the traffic. These batons are fabricated using polycarbonate with HDPE handles and energy efficient LED using advanced technology. Also called marshaling torches, these are light in weight and shock & weather resistant and primarily used by traffic police, parking attendants and under construction site marshals.

The use of flashing traffic baton traffic control baton : 

1 press the switch of the lamp, the lamp flash; again press, light conversion constant light; press again, lamp off
2 lamp is provided with a charging socket, charging, flashing traffic baton only the corresponding charger output plug can be inserted into the charging socket.The 3 charger built-in charging protection device. When the charger input end connected to power after the insertion of a charging socket of lamp, warning light road barricades the indicating lamp is red, start the normal charging; the battery is full of electricity, light turned green.4 a full charge, can use at any time within one year; if not placed, every six months should be supplementary charging 6 hours is better.5.flashing traffic baton is in use process, when the battery is about to run out, the lamp brightness will be weakened sharply, at this time should stop using and charging.

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