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Brand : Y

Hsn Code : 4016

Model No. : PTSRH50ABS

Capacity : 40 Ton

Dimension : 500x350x50MM x 2 Nos/ Meter

Weight : 4.5 kg

Material : Hard ABS

Specific : Against Order Supply

Color : Black

UOM : Meter

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Product Details:

Hard  ABS Speed Breaker 40T 

Heavy Duty Speed breaker Made up of ABS with Rubber Mixed Material with High Abression Resistant 

Material wthich withstond 30-40 Ton capacity. 

Heavy Duty Hump for Parking Blocks
Heavy Duty 
for Appartments
Heavy Duty
Hump for Hospitals
Heavy Duty
Hump for Shopping Malls
Heavy Duty
Hump for Software Buildings
Heavy Duty
Hump for Sub Way Roads
Heavy Duty
Hump for Service Roads
Heavy Duty
Hump for Basement Ramps
Heavy Duty
Hump for Main Gate
Heavy Duty
Hump for Drive Way Paths
Heavy Duty
Hump for Basement Parkings
Heavy Duty
Hump for Industrial Pathways 


ABS heavy Duty road humps
Any change in the road such as a crossing or a speed bump must be clearly visible to the driver, especially on the public highways or if you are putting on a large event. The Highways Regulation states that when a speed bump is in place on the highway, it can be lit up by the street lighting surrounding the highway it is placed – only if there are at least three lamps on the street using electricity and they are placed no more than 38 metres apart from each other.
You may also provide lighting specifically for the speed bump which could include reflectors or individual lamps either side of the hump; our heavy duty speed bumps come with 8 cats eye reflectors per mid section for simple but clear visibility.Signage for speed bumps
If you are looking to use a speed bump or a speed cushion, you will need to make sure you have appropriate signage to warn road users so they can slow down adequately. The Highways Regulation states that where a road hump is constructed, the Traffic Signs Regulations state you must consider the right warning signs for the presence of your road hump. For example, if your road hump is placed in a 20mph zone you will not need to provide adjoining signage as the speed limit will already be lowered but all other speeds must be considered potentially hazardous.
The Ramp People have made sure we provide the right speed bump warning signs for all your needs. They are all fully CE-marked and compliant, we use engineer grade prismatic reflective sheeting which offers high colour contrasts for improved visibility, as well as incredible durability. 

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